About Us

Welcome to the TT Bar Ranch, home of quality Scottish Highlander cattle and unique Highland-inspired products. We are a small, family-owned ranch run by husband and wife team Lance and Valorie Blanchard.


Situated in Rexburg, Idaho, the TT Bar Ranch has been breeding and raising hardy Highland cows and horses for years. Our owners grew up riding horses and rodeoing, and later discovered a passion for these shaggy-coated cattle with big horns and even bigger personalities.

Over the years, we've expanded our herd and now offer Mini Highland calves for sale. We also take pride in providing 100% grass-fed, natural Highland beef.

More recently, we've started creating Highland-themed products that celebrate the spirit of this magnificent breed. Our offerings include:

  • Apparel like t-shirts, hoodies, and hats featuring Highland cattle designs
  • Highland-inspired home goods including mugs, blankets, and decorative signs
  • 100% All-natural skincare made from pure beef tallow
  • Accessories such as leather goods and jewelry with Highland cattle motifs

Everything we make focuses on quality and capturing the essence of these distinctive cows. When you purchase from our Highland Boutique, you're supporting a small ranch's passion. You're embracing a hardy history and lifestyle we love sharing.

We invite you to join the TT Bar Ranch family and connect with the spirit of the Scottish Highlands!