TT Bar Ranch Name

TT Bar Ranch Logo


Y'all may be wonderin' how we got the name TT Bar Ranch. Well, it's quite the story!

When Lance & Valorie were trying to come up with brand names, we knew we wanted something with a "B" for Blanchard. But we could only think up 5 ideas for our state brand submission forms.

Lance was frustrated trying to brainstorm late one night. He jokingly said "Fine, let's just make it TT Bar and yes, it stands for what you think it does!"

Valorie giggled and said "You can't be serious!" But they were tired and needed one more brand name, so TT Bar it was on the paperwork.

We'll be darned if that wasn't the name the state selected for our official registered brand! So now we affectionately call our ranch the Titty Bar.

And that's why all the Scottish Highlander cattle are named after alcohol as a little inside joke. We've got Tipsy, Cardi B, Keila, Stella, Brandy, Tinnie and more mooing around the ol' Titty Bar Ranch!

So now you know the story behind the not-so-classy ranch name. But we wear it as a badge of humor and pride here at the TT Bar. Just a couple of ranchers making the best out of brand paperwork gone wrong!